Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Counting Down (yet again)..

I think I am bored 'cos I am always counting down days.. this time I am counting down to grandmama's birthday this coming weekend and my own birthday next week. Mama told me that I should do something meaningful on my birthday, so she suggested that I should make a donation to ASD and/ or SPCA. Thought it's a pretty good idea..

And here's my wishlist if I have a fairy godmother out there (like Scuba):
I want her... ... Anyone out there answering my prayers??


Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Who is my fairy godmother?

My life evolve around GODs (not bad myself coz spelt backwards, I am GOD too). I only have 3 GODs
- 1 (American) GODfather,
- 1 (Japanese) GODmother
- 1 (Singaporean) GODmother.

I don't mind, the more the merrier then I will have loads of GOoDies.

Do you want my mom to be your fairy godmother. Together with her friends, they knows loads of doggy owners and I am sure my mom 'your potential godmother' can get you a female maltese.

Do you know that white furry thing at all? Tell me who the owner is and I will ask all my BIGGER friends to hang around (outside her house) and 'steal' her away for a day (i.e your birthday).

Actually, if I talk to Brownie, I think he will do a better job coz the owners will think a 'heinz variety' has taken her - no case.

Then after 1 day, you can play macho and return her (that will impress her mama and papa) and they will be ever so greatful and let you play with her forever.

Like some fairy stories:.......and they live forever happy together

Huskee Boy said...

Yes please... it'd be great to have ur mum as my Godmama since she is famous for her culinary skills. (Imagine this, being the godson of the winner of 'Best Chef in the Doggy World' award..think of all the treats that I'll get..)
Wait.. did you say she can get me a female maltese?? I love my new Godmama already..

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Well no doubt she is a great chef in the doggie world. Her disciple aka Auntie S is not bad too.

I will talk to her about your love and see what I can do.

Anyway, you haven't told me where she live.

Huskee Boy said...

Umm.. I have no idea where she lives.. she is just my 'pin-up' crush..Hey, since you frequent the dog run, have you ever seen her (or someone like her)? I am not fussy, you know..
So do I have a godmama now??

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

In life, you must learn how to be fussy. Demand the best.

Most maltese at the dog run are so pampered and I wouldn't choose any for you..... they look pretty fussy and fuss around most times by their owners.

I have no experience with maltese (me under my Big Brother's (Rafv) influence).

You can have my mom as your godmother (she already agreed). If you want to choose your maltese, suggest you come over and we (you, me, Godma Shane and mom) will go shopping.

Huskee Boy said...

Aiyoh Scubs, if we go and 'shop' at petshops for the 'love of my life', our selections will most likely to be 'underaged'.. I think in Singapore the 'legal' age is 16.. hiak hiak...

Rafv said...

This maltese on the pix looks yammy..