Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Me and My Mama

Ok, on a more serious note, I just read my 'little' brother, Scuba's blog and found out about the deaths of his 2 friends, Morris and Rocky. Mama was very sad and it bothered her a lot (especially since I am quite 'senior' at the ripe old age of 7).
Mama and I have this special 'alone time' where it is just the 2 of us (yes, not even papa is included)... and it's been established ever since I was a teeny, weeny pup. During this time, she'd always hold me close to her and whisper in my ear.. Through the years, the things that we have shared during the 'alone time' has evolved..
When I was little, she'd tell me to grow up strong and healthy, tell me how much joy (and headaches) I have brought into her life, etc. Now that I am older, she'd tell me how much she hopes for me to live a long and healthy life, and that she hopes I am a happy & contented doggy.
The one thing that has not changed through the 7 years is she always ends this 'alone time' by telling me how much she loves me and how special I am to her. She told me that I am 'extra special' 'cos I was given to her by papa during their courting days and I am her very first doggy.. so in her heart I will always have a special place.

Me and my mama


Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

That is a nice photo of you and my godmama. Thank you for mentioning Rocky and Morris.

You have quiet moments - great. Me too. Mine is like once a week or on special occassions i.e. when we puppy sit the 4 siberain husky puppies. She told me they have lost their mom and I should be nice to them and also I should be protecting them.

You were given by your papa to your mama. Hehehe me too - my daddy bought me for mummy. We have loads in common

Thanks for thinking of Rocky and Morris

The Maid said...

Yes Huskee.. you are a thoughtful little boy for thinking of Rocky and Morris. You are very special to us just like Rocky and Morris were to their parents, so you must be like them and live life to the fullest ok?

Haha.. you have quiet times with everyone..
With Grandpa- napping with him when no one else is at home and peeing everywhere just to irritate him. but at the end of the day, he's the only one willing to share the last bite of the Cornetto ice cream with you. (he didn't even ask Grandma)
With Grandma- sleeping with her and growling at grandpa when grandpa tries to get some space for himself on HIS bed.
With The Maid- (ME!) I dunno why but Huskee automatically follows me into the bathroom when i take my bath. he'll just sit at one corner where he'll not get wet and probably thinking "what am i doing here?"
Anyways, despite all ur cheeky amd quirky behaviour, we all love u very much and we won't want you any other way. *squashy hug for u until u whine/growl and squirm away*

Anonymous said...

Yes Huskee.. you are a thoughtful little boy for thinking of Rocky and Morris. You are very speci

Fu Fu said...

Hi Huskee,
No worries 7 is not too old for a doggie. Look at my friend Jay, he's 15 already. You still look very healthy, I'm sure you'll still have long way to go with your mummy.

~ fufu

Joey said...

That was a very serious yet loving post. Huskee... don't worry, you are younger than my bro, and you still have many many more years to go. (and irritate yr grandp with your peeing)
To the Maid - Huskee is tee-ko. He likes to watch naked maids. teeheehee

Rafv said...

Huskee, you are so lucky boy. All of your family love you so much. You better behave nice to them also yah! hehe.

Mum and I also have a special time each day. She tells me that of almost same things like what your mum tells you. hehe.


Jay said...

Geez! You are not old, Huskee! My playmates and I are all older than you!

I'm sure you will live to a ripe old age.

By the way, J and I also has this alone time, and she never fails to tell me how much she loves me everyday. :)

Huskee Boy said...

I am so happy/ glad that all my friends have 'special' times with their family. At least it shows how much we are being loved and appreciated..