Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Bye Bye Fridge...

Horror of all horrors.. the fridge broke down on Saturday!! Gosh.. I was so stressed.. you know what implications it'd have?? It means that mama will not be able to make any meat patties for me since they need to be refrigerated!! NO FOOD!!

Everyone was upset, shocked and depressed by the sudden 'demise' of the fridge after it's 'long service' with the family... (yah, it's not only me ok..)
1) Grandpapa was depressed cos all his Cornetto ice-cream melted
2a) The Maid was told by Grandmama to finish up the TWO cartons of fresh milk in the fridge since they wouldn't be able to last without refrigeration (she mamaged to finish only one-and-a-half carton by midday) - obviously after drinking so much milk, she felt very queasy.. *hiak*.. that's for not sharing with me!!
2b) No ice water!! - The Maid lives on ice water... especially when the weather is hot!
3) Grandmama was the most 'severely' affected.. she had to clean out the entire fridge, plus the remnants of the Cornettos. Then she had to go shopping for a new refrigerator.. this spoilt the plans that she'd made on Sat. (originally she was suppossed to go shopping fwith Auntie Esther for mama and papa's wedding items).

** Dear Fridge... Thank you for serving us 24/7 for so many years without any complaints and offdays. Please R.I.P.. (and we are already missing you) **


Fu Fu said...

Oh your poor fridge. I hope your new fridge serves you better. Look on the bright side. New bigger fridge = can store more food.

~ fufu

Karen said...

Dear Huskee Boy,

You are still young to appreciate the blessing of a spoilt fridge. Like what Fufu said, it means a possibly new and bigger and more technologies fridge! I want a new fridge at home too but my dad and mum says to put it off till new year. Tell me, did you have a hand in causing it to bring down faster? Tell me the secret pls and I will coporate with you to get the Maid to be The Slave.. hiak hial

Jay said...

Poor Huskie... does that mean that you do not have any meat patties this week? OH NOOOOO!!!!

Nevermind... ask your grandmama and grandpapa to buy a bigger fridge. As Fufu and Karen said, you can store more things and get more to eat! YAY!!

Joey said...

If this happens to me, i think i will go commit suicide! cos i am on BARF!! no fridge how????

Huskee Boy said...

Yipee... We have got a new fridge and like what all of you said, it is BIGGER!!

* Hi Auntie Karen, How did you find out that I had a part to play in the demise of the old fridge?!! Ok, I tell you my secret and you must keep your end of the bargain ok.. Sometimes when I am left alone at home, I pee around the fridge.. that might have been a 'contributing factor'.. * hiak hiak*..

Rafv said...

Ah men.. and welcome to your new fridge! hee