Friday, September 15, 2006

13 Days to go...

Everyone is so busy buying new clothes, shoes, bags (personally I think it is just their excuse to get into a shopping frenzy). Auntie KH, Auntie Esther & Auntie Fiona have been coming by to 'model' their purchases.. Grandmama bought 2 new dresses and The Maid bought 3!! Even Grandpapa has got new clothes and tie..

Well, Grandmama is busy putting up things with 'Double Happiness' stickers all round the house.... In the Chinese culture, this Double Happiness symbol is a very important symbol as it represents a certain outlook and philosophy on life. It is used to represent the idea that man and woman are meant to go through life together and every person (and pooch??) has a soul mate in this world.

Mama bought this sticker and I like it a lot.. it shows a couple in traditional Chinese wedding costume.. and I like it cos I think it looks cute with the blushing groom kissing the bride!

With all the things happening around the household, it brings me back to one thing... I need a girlfriend!!

Female Maltese, oh Female Maltese, Wherefore art thou?

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