Thursday, September 6, 2007

I got something funny to share with all of you... as you all know, I have received many barkday pressies in the past 3 weeks or so and it'd obviously caught the attention of Mr Postman. Yesterday when he came around to deliver the package from Goofy, he finally asked Grandpapa the question I believed had been bothering him for a while.

(Scene re-enactment)

Venue: At the gate

Date: 5 Sep 2007

Time: 2.45pm (Singapore time)

Cast: Huskee Boy, Huskee Boy's Grandpapa and Mr Postman

Mr Postman
Ummm, sir, how are you related to 'Huskee Boy' and is 'Boy' his surname'?
Grandpapa: (Momentarily stunned and then recovered his composure and pointed at me) This is Huskee Boy. 'Huskee Boy' is his full name...
Mr Postman: (in a doubtful tone and with a 'I think you are nuts' look) Uh, ok ok....

I cannot believe I am still receiving pressies now!! I have to add that the hoomans are ABSOLUTELY green with envy... They were whispering that even if they added all their barkday presents together, I'd still win them paws down. Heehee...

From Sparky!! I have got 'PUPeroni' treats and toys!!

All these are from Reina!! I got jellies, bedroom slipper toy, a ball and even more treats!! Yummmy!

All these goodies are from my new friend Goofy! He even made me a card!! Goofy gave me 2 packets of bath salts and mom is determined to use it for my next bath, which is most likely to be THIS weekend (yikes!!)... But well, at least I have bath salts this time to get me through the ordeal.

THANK YOU Sparky, Reina and Goofy for all your lovely pressies.. I wuff all of them! **Big kisses**

*********** A MeSSaGe fRoM MOOSIE ***********

Hello everypup and Girl Girl,

It's me, MOOSIE!! I hope you have not forgotten me yet... I am having some problems with my blog (i.e. someone's eaten up the 'comments' section and now, no one can leave any comments for me). Huskee Boy can't figure out the problem too despite divine intervention from Girl Girl and Boo. *sigh*

For now, you can either leave me messages in my CBox or you can leave me a message on my big brudder's blog. Him being the nice, big brudder, had agreed to share his blog with me (please attention it to MOOSIE ok?)

With Luv n Squeaky-squeaks,



Hui Min said...

not only are your hoomans jealous of you... me, HM, and i bet alot of the other DWB-ers are jealous too! hee hee hee... very jealous! :p

i hope the postman continues to deliver mail to your house, even after that conversation hehehe


ROSSI said...

Oh.. Huskee Boy.. am jealous too.. Mr Postman was scratching his head over those pressies that he sent for u.. he must have thought Huskee Boy is that 'someone'.. and he must be very surprise to find that 'someone' is U!.. hehehee.. and sure he finds u special!..


Bella said...

Great story Huskee Boy. We did wonder about whether the postie notice the name - hee hee.
So glad all the pressies make it to you and again great fun gifts you got there!

Boo said...


my eyes are all green green, no more blue eyes boy.

is that a denim SKIRT you are wearing? can i change your name to HUSKEE GIRL DOPEY EYE??

wet wet licks


Goofy said...

Mr. Boo!!! That is not a denim skirt!!!
anyway, huskee.. hope u love the gifts..

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We are so jealous.... All our eyes are turning green hehe.

We cant see the denim jacket clearly. Does it have a fur fur collar or is that your hair?

Boy n Baby

Stanley said...

Huskee Boy!

That's hilarious about Mr. Postman. When I got a package from Wally the post office put a sticker on it asking, "Does this person live at your address?" My girl had to tell them at the post office that I live in my own country. Can you believe it? (Well, I guess you can.)

Attn: Moosie Girl
Hey, sweet hammie girl! I could never forget your cute two-toned face and your sweet comments to me. Stop by anytime. BTW, are you learning a lot from Girl Girl? She is a wise hammie ~ listen to her!

Goober love,

Amber-Mae said...

Wow! Still receiving pressies? You closet must be full by now...hehehe! You are one luckiest dog on earth Huskee! You should be happee that you have such wonderful friends from all over the world. And Moosie, we haven't forgotten about you, nu-uh! I just can't seem to leave any comments or messages in your blog.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

Mummy had to collect a parcel from the post office with my name on. She took me along to prove who I was. Lucky I have a passport.

Simba xx

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Huskee Oppa -
I can only imagine that scene with Mr Postman and you two. LOL! I wish there was someone around to video down the scene! kekekee
Wow...your pressies are never ending....maybe up to xmas!

Maggie & Mitch said...

The mailman story was a hoot! hehehe Wait till the Christmas cards start rolling in! Nice gifts Huskee! Your birthday lasted for a whole month!

Love ya lots,

Ferndoggle said... are such a lucky, lucky boy. Our postman thinks Mom is nuts b/c we get so many pressies.

We deserve them!!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Ruby Bleu said...

That postman story was funny. Did your grandpa laugh!!! You've gotten such great prezzies!!! Woot!

Oh and Hi Moosie...hope you are doing well!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Asta said...

You desewve evewy one of those gweat'we such a sweetie and cutie..I love the postman stowy,hehehe..he'll just have to get used ot youw populawity.
smoochie kisses

Deaw Moosie
how could we fowget you,you sweetie..sowwy about your bloggie..I'm sending you extwa smoochie kisses

Sparky said...

Hey Huskee Boy, I'm glad you like the presents.

Our mailman has also been very curious about packages for me, but he knew who "Sparky" was all along. We're enemies, that mailman and I. It's been over 2 years already since we've had our first little incident, and the mailman never forgets it. Maybe one day I'll have to blog about that scaredy-cat mailman. ;)


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh Huskee, I think you hold the DWB record for the most presents received. Hee hee. Your postmen uncle must be so jealous of you now.

To Moosie: Hello Cute Moosie! Are you doing anything fun?

~ Girl girl

Lorenza said...

Hi, Huskee!
Lucky boy! You deserve all those presents of course!!!
Sometimes the mailmen don't understand facts of life!
Please say Hello to Moosie!
Have a good night

T-man said...

It's going to take you one whole year to eat all those treats and play with all those toys!! Then you will have another barkday and start all over again :) That works out just right!

Mom loves your smile in your pictures. She says you look like a movie star!!


Scrappy and Pebbles said...

lol my skin sister gets a comment every time she goes to the post office for mail the post master there loves to say very loudly that he has a parcel for Scrappy.


Ben_Benjamin said...

oh Huskee, that happen to me too. They always ask grandma, is Benjamin your son?? and grandma will point the finger toward me and those mailman also gave us those ??? look.

Joe Stains said...

HI moosie, we did try to say hi but did not see any comments section!

Hey huskee, I think I need to check into the unauthorized use of my likeness on that toy!!

you are so lucky to get SO SO many presents!

Reina said...

Hi Huskee,

I bet the postman must be realy jealous of you !

That must be a real funny scene at the door!

I am happy to see that you are so happy with my gifts heehhe
I love the slippers alot, so have fun chewing on those :p


ToFFee said...

hahaha! that postman incident is soo funny.. betcha he must have been thinking about it for a while now..

good thing you didn't went ot the postman and declare you are the famous huskee boy..

tell yuor hoomans not to be jealous.. I'm jealous too.. but that's the perks of being famous right?

hmm.. maybe you can ask the moderator of blog why this is happening? is it i the configuration which you place not allowed to leave comments?


Hammer said...

Hi Huskee Boy
Wow .. you're still getting presents. You're a very loved dude. Re Moosie, I hope she can sort out her blog. Have a great weekend.
Love from Hammer

Casper and pals said...

Happy Barkday Huskee!! Wow great pressies!!

Toby said...

Wow Huskee, I think you should be in the guiness book of world records!! I think you have received more barkday pressies than any other dog in the whole world!!

I think your post man is jealous of you too!!

Gaucho and Verdi said...

more gifts'??
wowwwwwwww you have a lot of friends....

Seadra & Zoe said...

Hi Huskee....We are so happy for you that you are still enjoying your birthday with presents!! That's pawesome!!

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i thought ur grampapa will tell d postman 'u wait...i go bring huskee boy to meet u'

then grandpapa carry u in his arm n show u to mr. postman

Anonymous said...

Whoa what a haul you got there Huskee!! The human is having a good laugh at the postie too - how could he not know who you are is what I want to know!!


Max Dex said...

you are making me jealous. I am going to make my birthday come sooner. The advantages of a stray dog! WaAhwhawhhahwaw....

Heya Moosie! This is Peanut speakin'. How are you coping there? Is Huskee treating you good?

Casper and pals said...

Hi Huskee, We are tagging you for a new game. come to our blog to see.
Woofs Casper

Freda said...

Hey Huskees,

I think we'll all have to come overs and help you play with your new toys. Arf! Arf!

Hope Moosie's blog gets fixed soons.

You reeeellys need to bark to your postman about who is the heads of the household at your place.



Maya and Kena said...

Hi Huskee Boy!
You are so cute!
Love your blog! Come stop by ours anytime!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena