Thursday, September 4, 2008

Peek-a-Boo..... by Hershey

Hershey: Let's play a game of Peek-a-Boo...

Now you see me...

Now you don't...

Now you see me...

Now you don't!!

Thanks for playing with me!!

Note from Huskee: Now you all know what I have to put up with... 4 month old Border Collie pup up for adoption... Any takers??

Oh yes, my blog is currently being 'RENOVATED' because my mama has a 'itchy bum bum' and decided that she wanted to spruce up my blog. One thing led to another and now, it is out of control. She regretted even thinking of it and now wishes that there is an 'undo' button. Wish us luck.


Ferndoggle said...

Huskee, wanna come live with me??? I can totally feel your pain, brother.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh my dog!

What khuteness!!

PeeEssWoo: YES, the H&SP is sooo yummi I pikhed it out and left all that Khanidae woo saw on the floor - I don't normally eat like THAT!

Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

Love the new blog look.

Deetz said...

I'll take her, you know I will. I wonder how long it will take to ship hershey from Singapore to Kansas? ummm. Can you stick her on a plane? ummm. Maybe air ruby will drop her off. She plays a mean game of hide and seek. I think your blog looks wonderful and can't wait to see the new stuff.

Peanut said...

Oh man I'm sorry you have to put up with her. Oh and your mom trying to fix your blog. She should have left well enough alone.

Lacy said...

w00f's Huskee and hershey, good luck wiff the bloggie changing... me thinks we goinna change ours around thinks hershey iz a cutie...heehee she gonna herd u all the time, and bitedid at ur feeties...

b safe,

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, my Mommy did the same mistake too but luckily, she saved the old template by right clicking & copying it 1st & then only changed it to the new template which she totally regretted & hated so much. She then pasted back the old template & changed it back again. Phew! Hershey is adorable! She's good with that hide & seek game.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Moco said...

We are lucky. Grammie can't figure out how to do all those fancy blog things so ours stays pretty much the same.
I hope you get used to your sib pretty soon. They can be as much fun as they are a pain.

Asta said...

Ilike youw new blog..why don't you???
Fwom the outside Hershey is a doll, but I can imagine what you have to put up wif, and fell youw pain, hehehe..don't wowwy, you awe still #1!!!!!!!!
Huskee have youw pawents Email me if they awe intewested in comissioning a painting, Mommi says she would be honowed if she could do something to please them.
love and smoochie kisses

Maggie and Mitch said...

We love your new blog header! It looks great!
You are too cute, Hershey!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Name: Nadya Yeo said...
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Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

I can help you look after Hershey..hehe

Btw, mama is so envious of your sofa. Our sofa is in teriible state because of US!

Boy n Baby

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hi Huskee and Hershey!

I think the new blog looks great! Love the new header...=) And if you really are putting her up for adoption, my Mom and I would be glad to take her! =P


Lorenza said...

Hi, Huskee!
Hershey is so cute!
Sometimes my mom wants to make changes on my blog but she is afraid of doing something wrong and disappear it!
Good luck!
Kisses and hugs

Boo said...

i think the renovated ones are nice! white like hershey... i mean like huskee!

is hershey staying home full time?

wet wet licks


happy said...

Hide and seek! I'd like to play too! So does that mean you might want to consider sending Hershey over to my place? Hee...

Have a great weekend now!

Simba said...

The blog looks great. I enjoyed the game, he can come and play with me any time.

Simba x

Cassidy said...

Aw,that looks like a fun game. I remember when I was small enough to fit under furniture!

Cassidy x

Katherine and Pippa said...

I do that all the time, and I am not a puppy. it is important to hide your head sometimes although I don't know why.


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Your blog's new look is very nice, I liked it.
I'll take Hershey or you or both of you, we have enough toys for everydoggies.
Hershey grows beautifully, what do you feed her?

Deefor said...

Hershey is cute... but she seems to be getting big really fast. I think she's one of those really smart doggies so watch out. Arrow is really smart-- but in an evil way. Hershey looks sweet. I'd trade.


Snowy and Crystal said...

What a cute, fun girl Hershey is :)


p.s. we wanna thank you for your words in our last post in our blog. Mommy is doing much better now *wet licks*

Lady Kaos said...

How cute!!! Good luck with the renovations. I really lke your new header. Mom has been thinking about sprucing up my blog, too but I won't let her until I'm sure she knwos what she's doing.

Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid said...

Huskee you have a brother'???
patiens... with four month are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo small
patientes friend...

the 4 Bs said...

that peekaboo is so cute!

she's a cute puppy, but we don't want to adopt a dog, unless it's you Huskee! you can come and live with us anytime.


Dana & Elmo said...

Oh boy, a border collie pup. I absolutely love them. Consider yourself lucky! ahahahahahaa

BenTheRotti said...

Hershey is adorable, but I guess little brothers can be a pain. I wouldn't know, My Dad won't let me get one. Now if Mum had her way... i would have hundreds!.. guess i can't win with either of them. Hope all goes well with the blog changes, Mum dare not even attempt mine!


Ben xxxx

Joe Stains said...

omdog Mom just said your brother is SO CUTE. she is a traitor! good luck with the blog renovations!

Karma Innen said...

Hershey, I luv hide&seek too! I stick my head under the bed and think no one sees me, but mom sees my butt sticking out and I always lose!!!

xxooxxoo Karma

T-man's mom said...

I LOVE your new blog design. Someday I need to redesign my blog...but I have no ability in technical things like that!! ;)

Poor Huskee...I know it's hard having to share your mom and dad with a new sister, but they'll still love you just as much as before. You're just a cutest little dog...who couldn't love you?

T-man's mom, CC-man & T-man Angel

JB's Big World said...

Oh, Hershey is soooooo cute! I like the new look of your blog.....guess you gotta share it now?

BWTH Dog House said...

Hershey, you are soooooo cute but too bad I cant adopt you. Mom would love to but not me.

Huskee, I cant help you on this as I have 3 rascals here for adoption too.

slurpy licks,