Monday, May 28, 2007

Look at what The Maid got in Hong Kong!! She got a cap with ME on it!! It was drawn by a street artist and he customised it with my name too! I think he did a pretty good job and captured my expression quite well.. I am so pleased with it (although theoratically, it does not belong to me).

This was the photo that the person based his drawing on..

Right View: Tiny little paw prints
Left View: My name..

Treats for me!!

Felix the Cat Squeaky Toys

She also took this picture from a pet shop and was quite upset about the living conditions of these hamsters.. there are way too many hamsters in each of those little buckets..and there is no sawdust, food or water too!! Also, since they are not separated by gender, those hammies could mate like mad and have heaps of hammie babies!! Anyway, I hope they all go to good homes soon.


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

The cap is real nice. Next time your maid goes to Hong Kong again, can u asked to do a mini one for me with you on it...hehe

The hamsters are so pitiful. It breaks my heart to see them like that.


Ben_Benjamin said...

Wow, thats really cool....I wanna have 1 too !!!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Nice cap, will get you to borrow it to wear?

Those hammies so poor thing. I hope they all go to nice homes

~ Girl girl

Boo said...

that's one nice cap. your maid is so thoughtful of getting that hat for you, i mean your mom. :) i don't think you wanna wear it coz it'll show you have BIG HEAD!

yeah, those hammies are so pity to cramp into one small box together. i wonder if hamster like crowded area.

wet wet licks


T-man said...

That's a cute hat, especially since it's Huskee-ized :)

Those poor hamsters look so crowded. I think Girl girl will be sad to see those pictures...

Hui Min said...

WOW! what a good way to remind the hoomans of you when they are outside! :) i thik the picture is really well drawn, plus the paw prints are just too cute :p


Joe Stains said...

wow that hat is so cute!!! I wish mom had a stain hat

Simba said...

What a lot of baby hammies. Love the hat and great toys.

Simba xx

Amber-Mae said...

Oh wow, look at that hat! That's very nice! Hmmm.. maybe I should ask my mommy to get one for me with ME on it! And those poor hammies, all chucked into two containers. So crammed! I bet the pet shop owner don't care about them...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh love that one-of-a-kind hat! Very, very cool! Mom is jealous!

Love ya lots,

Sophie Brador said...

Huskee, Too bad you can't wear that cap!

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Huskee,
Wow your maid is really nice...that's a awesome looking cap. I think the street artist did a great job.
I couldn't even figure out how many hammies there were in that container. *sighz*

Asta said...

What a cool cap..of course, with your pix on it, it has to be bootiful.
those poor little hammies, it doesn't look comfy in there, I hope they're rescued soon
love and kisses

Lorenza said...

Hi, Huskee.
The cap its not yours but sure the treats and the toys are! Enjoy!
Poor hamsters, being there in bad conditions. I hope they find a good home.
Have a nice day

Oscar Airedale said...

The cap is very cool.

I feel really sad about those poor hammies.

Oscar x

Billy said...

I love the cap, that artist did wonderful work on it wow!

It's so sad to see those baby hamsters, I hate seeing things like that.

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Tofu Burger said...

Heya Huskee,

My ma loves your smile and we do have tons in common :) My ma's colleg mascot is the 'Husky' close nuff lol... that cap is awesome!


This is all mainly about us! said...

cool! we like that cap too! It's cool! Where did she get it done at?

Liberty Doo Dah said...

Wow! I can't get over how many hamsters are in those cages!
I love the Huskee Boy hat! Such a stunning photo of you! Too cute!

Hammer said...

Hi Huskee Boy

That's a beautiful cap and a great idea to draw your portrait on the cap.

I'm glad you got treats and toys too.

Your maid really loves you.

It's very bad about the poor little hammies. The pet shops should not be allowed to treat animals like this.

Love from your friend, Hammer

PerfectTosca said...

Geeze that cap is soooooooooo cool! I wonder why The Woman doesn't have one with my face on it? And a Tshirt to match. I gotta find those for her.

I hope those hammies get lucky like GirlGirl is.

Ferndoggle said...

How cool is that??? I need to get Mom one of those with my beautiful mug on it!

Poor hamsters.


PreciOus said...

Aww your maid loves you so much! Is the painting water proof?


Murphey said...

Cool hat, i want one of me for my lady!


Forest Dogs said...

That cap is sooo coool! I want one of those of us!

Hi, I'm on a quest to find blogging dogs, peace-loving dogs for next week's "Dona Nobis Pacem"

Peaceglobe day...(the cats have overtaken the movement so far!!)

Please join!

Thank you.

Blogblast for Peace
6th June 2007

(If you do 'Wordless Wednesday' a Peaceglobe would be fantastic!)

Marvin The Dog said...

that was really good!

Bogart said...



Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Huskee, That is some cap! It must be nice having a maid. I have a maid and a butler. Wow, I've never seen so many lil' hamsterriers! xxx Asta down under

Herbie said...

Nice hat!

The hammies... look a little maggoty at first glance. :P