Monday, February 26, 2007

I am Baaaccccckkkkk!!

Hello friends, I am back in action and I hope all my furry friends (and their families) who celebrate Chinese New Year had a fantastic time!! As always, mum insisted that I pose for some pictures with my Chinese New Year costume.. (this shirt only sees the light of day once a year.. heehehee..)!

The hoomans also gave me red packets (this has been an annual tradition) since they have always considered me as an integral part of the family... For those who do not know what a red packet is, well, it is simply a red envelope with money in it... It symbolizes luck and is usually given by adults and/ or married couples to children and/ or unmarried adults (I suppose this rule now applies to pets as well!).. I am going to save up the money to spend on toys (squeaky ones only of course) and treats for me and my friends!

Did you notice that the 'red packet' in the centre has a doggy on it??

Mum says it looks like me after my grooming sessions..

Mum also bought a take-away Yu Sheng so that I could try I also tried my paws at tossing the Yu Sheng (a raw fish salad) together with the whole family.. this is to bring good luck and prosperity for the new year.. There are many types of vegetables in there but urmm.. I can only pick out a few (who cares so long as they are yummy!!)

Oh and I missed all my friends so much.. mum was so busy eating, drinking, playing mahjong and visiting her friends that she had no time to turn on the laptop for me. I think I should try to convince them to get me a laptop all to myself so that I won't be at her mercy..


Fu Fu said...

Huskee.. so glad to see you back. Hee, you only wear that top once a year. You must be good at maintaining your size to be able to wear it every year. Woh you got Ang pow. lucky you.. can save up buy new toys already. :)

~ fufu

Boo said...


you toss the yee sang too? well, last night when i was at a cny pawty, i saw mom and dad tossing for it but i was too short so i didn't join. mom didn't let me eat the sashimi. :-( i guess i would love sashimi.

btw, welcome back huskee boy!

wet wet licks


Hui Min said...

wow, a figure-hugging t-shirt! never knew you had such a good figure! :)

yu sheng looks cool. HM is lousy, she's already twenty something years old but she has never tried yu sheng in her life :p so suaku


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Oh Huskee, so glad to know that you are back. We miss you so much... you were like missing for a week and that is a very looooong time.

You look nice in your red cheongsam matching with mine..hehe


Toby said...

Huskee!!! You look super handsome in your New Year's shirt!! Love the red packet with the doggy. So cute (just like u!!)


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Fu Fu,
Yah yah.. must keep fit so that I can squeeze into that top every year.. Aren't you lucky Eil doesn't dress you in any strange outfits!

Helloooo Boo,
Oh you must try the sashimi.. it's real yummy.. I love salmon!! My dad luuurves Yu Sheng, he's already had it 3 times since the first day of the new year.. tell your mum that fish is good for your skin/ fur, maybe she'llgive you some then!!

Hi Chiyo,
*Blush*.. Boo will get so jealous if he finds out that you said I have a 'good figure'..
Hmm.. you must et your HM to try Yu Sheng la.. seriously I don't think it is that fantastic, but she's just got to try it and say 'been there, done that'!!

Baby sweetie,
Yes yes, one week away is a loooong time and I missed you.. *blush*..

Emmie said...

How cute. Welcome back dear. Have a great year ahead. Lovely pictures.
There could never be a pal better than you.
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Boo said...

hang on, is that chiyo talking about you having "good figure"??

hmm... i think she has another meaning behind that.

wet wet licks


Maggie said...

Glad you're back Huskee! Your meal looks pretty yummy! Which item did you start with? Tough decisions, huh!

Love ya lots,

Oscar Airedale said...

You look super smart in your New Years outfit, and as for that food...drool!

Oscar x

Blue said...

Glad youre back.. I missed you!
Don't you look handsome in that coat! And, what nice treats too.
Lucky you...

Joe Stains said...

yay huskee you are back!?!!!!