Monday, February 12, 2007

Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day came early...!!

I received a Chinese New Year card from my dear friend Fu Fu and his mummy gave us some real yummy New Year cookies! Yummm.... (I tried real hard to convince my mum not to post any pics of me with my e-collar, but she said it'd be very rude of me if we were to post pics of the cards and gifts without me in them.. Don't know how you guys feel but personally I think it is a real L.A.M.E excuse.. she just wants to embarrass me..)

I got a V-Day card and New Year card from Fu Fu!!

Yummy cookies from Fu Fu's mummy!!

Then on Saturday I got a package in the mail.. It was a Valentine's Day present and card from my dearest Baby!! I couldn't wait to show off my new outfit to the hoomans (who have not received any Valentine's Day card/ present to date.. *grin*)

V-Day card and pressie from my darling Baby!!

Dear Baby, will you love me, with my hotspots, E-collar/ satellite dish and all?

(Trust me, I think they are clearing up soon..) *crosses paws*

And the really unbelievable thing is that Fu Fu even gave V-Day cards to my 2 hamster sisters.. (Smart move buddy, otherwise they'd start bickering over who will get to keep the card!!). Heehee.. first we had a Boo Casanova, now we have a Fu Fu Casanova!


Fu Fu said...

Hey Huskee, how come you have to wear satellite to take photos.

Look on the bright side, maybe your satellite "signal" is strong and can get you more valentine. :)

~ fufu

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Fu Fu,
Hahahha.. yah hope that the signal strength is good.. (but I only have Baby in my heart.. *Are you reading this, baby??*)
Well the evil hoomans don't want to remove it cos once they take it off, I'll start licking.. hee..

Oscar Airedale said...

At least your card & presents made you smile despite the stoopid lampshade on your head!

Oscar x

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Oh Huskee, thou you were in the cone, you look so happy. I hope the shirt fits thou.

And yes, i read your reply to Fufu. You make *blush*.

Lotsa love and kisses
Muah Muah

Boo said...

ex...ex...ex...excuse me huskee. there is ONLY ONE CASANOVA and it's ME!

i'm fainting. baby is sending you valentines gift too? nononono! my girl can only have their heart on me and i can have my heart on everyone!

this is not happening. i'm closing my eyes wishing this is not true.

wet wet licks


Blue said...

You are just so cute, even with your collar.
And, getting Valentine gifts too.
Lucky you!

Chelsea said...

Love is definitely in the air!

Huskee you are adorable with that plastic thing around your head. You make it look very noble and fashionable!


Joe Stains said...

so much valentines love going on with you! I think you look fine in that collar, but as soon as it comes off< PEE ON IT!

Hui Min said...

oh oh i got a card from fufu too!! :) hee you and baby are made for each other, actually you two have the couple look! :) hehe...

boo, haha it's payback :p


Simba said...

Hope you get rid of the stupid lamp shade soon. At least you got cards to cheer you up.

Simba x

Jessie and Jake said...


Well our mama thinks so anyway!
Even with your collar on you still look all happy and posing all nice.

We love all your presents!