Friday, January 26, 2007

Match(es) made in Heaven??

Lately the household hasn't been very peaceful because my 2 hamster sisters have been bickering non-stop. The reason for the feud?? Well, they both have seen this picture of my friend Fu Fu and have fallen head over paws in love with him and both want to go on a date with him in FuFuMOBILE.

Presenting the 2 'lovelies' (drumroll please):

(I did tell them to practice some self-restraint but when they knew that Fu Fu could be reading this post, there was no holding them back.. *helpless*)

Fu Fu is so lucky to have 2 gals fighting for his affection, but well, guess he can't help it cos he is just too cute! ** Fu Fu, do me a favour and let me know when you make your choice so that I can have some peace when they stop their bickering.

I can't believe the weekend is here again.. although there isn't much for me to look forward to cos I can't go and stay with my mum and dad like I did last week. Ma's going to spend the weekend in Hong Kong to attend a friend's wedding. Hope she get me some nice toys!!

(Oh and did I tell you guys that I have got hotspots on my front paws?? It's been there for a while and I am under the much dreaded 'E-collar treat aka Satellite dish' treatment'. All the creams don't seem to be helping much so I keep trying to lick them away but ended up getting a big scolding from The Maid.. sheeshh.. Life's tough).


Joe Stains said...

oh no! hot spots sound terrible! I don't know how fufu can choose between those lovely ladies!!

T-man said...

Fufu has a real dilemma having to choose between two sisters. I think he should date both of them and see how it goes. He can be a Fufu Casanova (hee hee!)

I hope your hot spots clear up. They sound painful. I've never had that before, I don't think...


Fu Fu said...

Huskee, how's your hot spot now?
Er... I dont know who to pick. They are both very cute. :)

~ fufu

Boo said...

oh huskee,

your mama is away again? oh no! if you don't see her often, i'm afraid you can't recognise her anymore! hehehe. that's a joke my grandma sometimes said to mom about baby that being sent away for child care.

hot spot? must show us. recently miss chiyo has some sticky spots on her armpit area too. not good coz it's red red hotspot.

so did you see the vet about the hotspot yet?

wet wet licks


Simba said...

Can't he have 2 girlfriends?

Simba x

Scrappy said...

Awww a hot spot isn't very nice I hope it clears quickly for you.
Poor Fufu how can he choose between your sisters.

Tail wags

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I think # 2 has big lovely eyes....if I was Fu I would pick her.

Hey H, hope the paws are better soon!

Bussie Kissies

Jessie and Jake said...

Fufu is one lucky guy!

Hot spots are horrible - we feel for you.

We hope it cools quicly :-)

BLU and Comet said...

I hope the hotspots on your feet get better soon. I think that's why my girl yells at me if I lick my feet too much.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hey Huskee, looks like i am in the same predicament as you too. Mama is going to make me wear the E-collar too because i have been scratching one of my paws too...sigh.

And i think Fufu should have both as his girlfriend. It is just too tough to choose.


Loui said...

Hotspots? Sounds nasty...I don't think I have ever had them but I don't think I want to either!

Loui xx

Chelsea said...

Huskee, what are hot spots? I may have them. I am obsessed with my paws and don't like Mama touching them.

As for Fufu, I am not surprised.
He is charming and adorable.

If I weren't T-Man's gal...I'd be smitten as well