Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Presents for Me... (and it's not even my Birthday!!)

A big THANK YOU to Jay's mum (Auntie J) and Fu Fu's mum (Auntie Eil)!! Either I have been a good boy or I must have done something really nice 'cos I received presents over the weekend!!
The Maid also received a present from them... it was a very handsome looking stuffed toy. The 2 aunties got it for her because they think it looks like moi! Other than my fur being slightly darker, I think it really looks like me.. and I have decided to call him Buddee (as in 'buddy' but I wanted it to be somewhat similar to my name, hence it ends with 'ee' rather 'y').
I also went over to visit Godma and Scubs. on Sunday... more importantly, the person whom I wanted to see most was Auntie Sam.. (Sorry Godma, Sorry Scubs!!)..
Here I am with 'my' Auntie Sam..


fee said...

hi huskee!

is that your fave auntie sam in that pix with you?

ps: you look kinda cute with the flowers in your ears.

Fu Fu said...

Hi Huskee. :)
Hope you like the presents. I think they gave you coz you've been a good boy when your parents went overseas for their wedding.
Say Hi to Buddee for me. He really looks like a mini you. heee

~ fufu

Jay said...

Hi Huskee, you are most welcome. Hope you like the presents.

Buddee is your new friend. We think that it looked like you. Please do not bully him, or chomp on him ok?

Oh, say Hi to Buddee for me, ok?


Anonymous said...

Hey Huskee, Bundee could be your twin!! Your eyes are a little bigger, your face a little cuter, but he's not bad himself!

So cool you get presents even when it's not your B-day. You guys sure have a nice little group of dogs, people, and a hamsterrier!!

Oh oh oh, and I'll be linking you up on my blog!

Have you had a chance to check out the X-mas card exchange yet?? Both Fufu and Jay are in!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to give you the link to the X-mas card exchange:


Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Huskee Boy said...

Hey Fee,
Yup that's the centre of my affection i.e. Auntie Sam..
Please don't say I look cute with the flowers or else my mum will get funny ideas and who knows what she'll subject me too *groans*..

Hi Fu Fu/ Jay,
Buddee is my good friend and pls be assured that I will take good care of him and love it to bits (not literally of course!!)

Hi Sunshade,
Thanks for linking me to your blog.. I'll do the same! My not so smart mum has finally figured out how to participate in the Christmas card exchange so you should be getting my PM. Can't wait for Christmas to come..

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

You are so lucky. You didn't even show your pressies to me or told me about it when you came to visit. And more disappointing, you had a pic of Auntie Sam with you and not me.


Rafv said...

Hey Huskee, Mind you. Antie Sam is MINE. yes Mine!! I know her favorite song and colour and and her favorite clothes too! (See, how good my inviestigation skill. hehem) Do you know any of them?

Am I a big jealousy boy?


Anonymous said...

Hi Huskee,
You and Buddee are so cute together. We thought we would drop a paw and say woof to you. We are in the Christmas card exchange too! We know lots of your friends, Fee, FuFu, Jay, Sunshade. We live in Iowa, US. Tell your Mama & Papa Congratulations! on their wedding too.
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Bailey/Tasha/Maddie said...

Hey Huskee your really cute :) .. Just came by your blog to say a big HELLO!!!