Monday, April 21, 2008

I can't understand women sometimes, when I say women, I can only refer to either my mom, The Maid or Grandmama cos they are the only 'women' that I know. In this particular instance, I am referring to 66.66% of them, i.e. my mom and The Maid.

Mom keeps going on and on about wanting to lose weight (insert evil laugh here) and the word 'diet' but I found out that the other day, she went to some Korean restaurant with papa and The Maid. Look at the amount of food on the table for just the 3 of them!!

Isn't it cute how they cut the watermelons into
little heart shapes? I think Baby will like it..

I could smell the sweet aroma of barbequeued food from their clothes, on their skin.... But in case anyone's wondering, they did NOT doggy-bag anything back for me 'cos there was nothing left to doggy-bag since they finished ALL the food. My dinner that night? The usual kibbles.... so exciting huh?!!


Anonymous said...

Huskee, that foods looks so goods and they was so means not to bring use any. Baby will just loves the wallymellon hearts.
Hugs, bellyrubs, smoochies

Maggie & Mitch said...

That was going to be our first question - did you get any?! Piglets! - we can't believe they ate all of it and you got nothing, Huskee!
The watermelon cut into heart shapes is very cool!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid said...

what is the last photo.

Amber said...

Hey Huskee, life is unfair. The food looks super yummy!! The heart shape watermelon is very cute.


Asta said...

That is so not faiw..they should have bwought some of those yummies home fow you..I think youwBaby would love those wallymelons shaped like bootiful and wefweshing too( I love how you always think of hew)
smoochie kisses

Cassidy said...

Well....watermelon is low calories isn't it?!

Cassidy x

Sparky said...

Hmph, just like the humans to eat all the food, not give anything to us, and then complain about how fat they are. They're silly, let me tell ya!


Peanut said...

Oh my mom says she wishes that she could have gone there. That looks really good.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Huskee!
You are right! The word Diet does not apply for that food! Looks delicious!
I am like you my friend... I only get kibbles!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

omdog, Mom wants to be on THAT diet!! Look at all that delicious food!

Amber-Mae said...

No way she's on a diet! I bet she has already put on 5kg after eating all that especially the porky!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Is it that place at East Coast cos mama were telling me they served her those heart shaped watermelons too.

Boy n Baby

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Is it that place at East Coast cos mama were telling me they served her those heart shaped watermelons too.

Boy n Baby

Boo said...

err... huskee, are you trying to make us drool? well, you have succeed!

wet wet licks


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hoomans are very mean. Eil says she wants to go there with the women in your house the next time too..

~ Girl girl

BWTH Dog House said...

Twinkle:"BIL, Im waiting!!! are you going to safe me out from this stoopid jail???"

Wang Wang:"yummy yummy, me me want want try try BBQQ me gal gal, no no woman woman."

Simba said...

ah love heart water melon how sweet.

Simba xx

Pacco de Mongrel said...

no sane ppl will worry about weight when they see those yummy food

Lady Kaos said...

They ate all that food by themselves? that's a weird diet! I'm working on making in a requirement that when Mom and Dad go out to eat, there must be a doggy bag, or I don't let them in the house. I'm not doing so good because I get so excited when they walk in the door, I completely forget about the not letting them in part. I'm working on it though.

Stanley said...

That is grossly unfair, Huskee. C'mon hoomans! You can't just tease a dog with all those good smells and NOT bring a little tasty something back for them.

On a side note, my hoogirl said that didn't look like a lot of food for 3 people at a Korean restaurant. And, she said you might want to stop talking about your mama's weightloss (unless you want to lose some weight yourself from a cut in your nutritional intake)... whatever THAT means.

Goober love & smooches,

duo_disaster said...

Ah... Hahahah!

Our Mommy is just like yours!!!

Daddy will chid her for eating soooo little rice & Mummy would go... "You complain I look like Michelin what!!!" then... Minutes late she would start munching on her Lays, Ben & Jerries, Pure choco bars & drowing herself in FULL CREAM MILK!!!

Oh wooman.. wooman!

Tummy rubs,
Rudolf & Goofy

T-man said...

Ooh, I would never want to be a dishwasher in that restaurant. Unless I can lick the bowls with my tongue...yummm!!!

Jackson said...

Wow Huskee, that food looks PAWSOME. J x