Monday, July 9, 2007

There's some competition going on to dress Simba up and make him BOO-tiful... Not sure where the idea came from but I am gonna take part nevertheless in case I win something!! So here's Simba wearing the scarf from the latest 2007 collection from PAWDA.


Boo said...

huskee, that's one pretty simba!!! i thought you said you don't know photoshop?? hmmm... i don't believe you now.

btw, you think such a big tennis fan like mom will miss last night's finale?? wah-ha-ha! i was being tortured! mom warned me "boo, you better hide from mom coz i'm going crazy" mom told me that! but i was too cute even when she go crazy, i was showing her my cutest face so she would calm down.

wet wet licks


Hui Min said...

i think it started when i dreamt of simba in drag :p and Boo in drag too of course. lol

that's a very pweetie simba. and a very expensive one too! :p


Joe Stains said...

poor poor simba! but this is a great entry!

Bella said...

Oh la la Pawda - designer originals for the Pweety Simba - so very cuuutteee.

Ruby Bleu said...

Nice job Huskee! I wonder how Simba is going to feel about this contest???

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Ume said...

ooohh Pawda scarf! Simba would luv it!

PreciOus said...

Huskee, the scarf is so exquisite, so Simba. I think he'll lurve it. Hehe.


Luckie Girl said...

I bet that Pawda scarf costs a bomb! How many greenies? :P
Have you tried playing with the Zanie toy yet?

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Wah. that's such a pretty Simba.. I think lots of doggies love him now

~ girl girl

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

That is pwetty Simba and a branded one too. The scarf must cost a bomb. Wonder whether is it a gift from Boo.

Boy n Baby

Scrappy said...

Awwwww very cute. Simba will be impressed.

Tail wags
~Scrappy and Pebbles

Maggie said...

Simba looks very elegant! Great job Huskee!!!

Love ya lots,

ToFFee said...

that's one gweat entry huskee!

now simba is going to get nuts when he sees all this!

I shouldn't go on vacation right? things like these pop up when you're not around!


Oscar Airedale said...

There are some stunning photos of Simba on the blogs!

Oscar x

Amber-Mae said...

Hahahaha nice! I'm still trying to find a good costume for pweetty Simba but it's hard to find... I'm supposed to post it up today but I think I'll have to do it some other time but if I do it some other time, Simba will already be back & when he's back, it's over. So that means I'll have to skip it!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Hammer said...

Hi Huskee

Do you realise the prize is a date with Simba ??

Simba sure is pretty but he's still a boy.

Love from Hammer


Wow you certainly have made Simba very Boo-tiful !!!

Murphey said...

Wow! Fancy smancy photo with a pretty PAWDA scarf. Nice.


Jessie and Jake said...

We think SImba looks BEATIFUL!

PerfectTosca said...

Boy Simba sure is pretty in drag isn't he?

Chelsea said...

Simba looks lovely.

Even I have not been able to scoop up one of those PAWDA scarves.