Friday, November 10, 2006

This can't possibly be the new HuskeeMobile??

Ma showed the picture of the new car and I cannot believe my eyes... don't you think it is waaaaaaay to small even for moi??? I cannot even take Sunshade or my god-brother Scuba out for a spin.. Moreover, I don't like convertibles as messes up my fur-do.. Something is definitely not right with pa and ma's choice of the family car!!

Afterwards, I realised they were pulling my paw... Whew.. They saw this in the showroom and ma thought it looked so cute (although she'd no idea who'd buy something like this for a kid since it is so expensive).

Initially we were told that the new car will only be ready in Jan 07 (that really seems like a long time away) but the good news is that the car dealer said it would arrive earlier than expected.. sometime on or before Christmas!! Yayyy... hopefully they'd bring me over to my godma's place so that I can play with Scuba and Auntie S. Ma said that the Christmas tree is already up at Scuba's place.. Oh and there's also Jay's Christmas paw-ty to look forward to!! I am so excited!! Ma had already started with her Christmas shopping for me and my friends although she wouldn't show them to me *pouts*.. Dec 25th is such a long time away...


Anonymous said...

hey huskee,

hehehe! if that were your mobile, it would be so cool! every doggie will be checking out who'e the boy in the mobile! :-) unfortunately you don't like to mess your do! LOL

okay, jan 07 is sooooooooooo far away. x'mas is... soooooooo far away too! between now and x'mas, you can't go further than your neighbourhood?!

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Haaa. Huskee, if that was your Huskee-mobile, I think the only friend you can bring out would be ME. hee
Yeah to you getting your new car sooner. :)

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Boo,
Yes, until the car is here, I can only go to the park nearby..but well, that's better than being stuck at home I guess... =)

Hello Fu Fu,
You are right!! how could I have missed it!! You'd be the ONLY one who can fit into that car with me!! That'd be so nice, wouldn't it?

Herbie said...

Maybe I can squeeze myself into that car, you think?

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

I can't wait for Christmas too.

Yes the tree is up not no pressies under it.

Jay said...

Huskee, that's a really nice car! J loves the Audi TT Roadster.. but she got no money to buy.

She said that she is maintaining a car now. That car has the same name as me - JAY.

Hmmm.. I wonder what that meant? Maybe she got a personal car which she hid from me? And brought me out in family cars only?!?!?! UNFAIR!

e said...

Hello Huskee

We're in the DWB Xmas Card Exchange too so we thought we'd drop by to see what was going on your side of the world.

That car is awesome. and if that car was yours, we want to take a number and get to go on joy rides too!

Fei is now in Singapore and we have 84 more days till when she's able to join us here in Japan (export regulations). We miss very much, each and every single day.
Have you any wonderful ideas how to make time go by quicker?

Eve and Fei

Anonymous said...

Oh dog that car is just PERFECT! No sharing!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Hi Huskee,
Wow, such a neat little car. All of the dogs at the doggie park would want to have a ride in your cool car. Wonder if we can have one too??
Mama is going to put our Christmas tree up this coming weekend! We can't wait. It takes her a whole week to put up all of the decorations around the house. Our tree is 10 1/2 feet tall too. We told her she has to help us finish our cards first!!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Toby said...

Huskee...can you take me for a spin??

Murphey said...

Boy Howdy, all I would want to use that little old car for is a chew toy! It might be too big for me, but I sure would give it a try.

Murph the Dog

Anonymous said...

I'd like a little car like that. Mummys car is pretty small anyway. It only has two seats. But she says its big enough for me and her.

Simba xx

Chelsea said...

If they made doggie mobiles my mama would buy one for me.

So please stop giving the woman ideas! On the other hand.....I wouldn't have to walk and since I am lazy...this could work!


Anonymous said... scared me there Huskee.... that car wouldn't even fit one paw of mine (I got really big ones too).

Can't wait til X-mas too, when I get all my cards, and get to go for a spin with you... *blushing* (and no, I'm definitely not flirting!)

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade *wink*

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Herbie,
You can try.. let me know cos I will have my camera ready..!!

Hi Scuba,
My ma/ your godma told me she already have your present ready!! $&*&#$@.. I am so jealous..

Hi Jay,
Huskee's Ma here.. I lurrrve the Audi TT too!! It's my dream car.. but well, just a 'dream' account does not support that 'dream' of mine!
May should get Huskee to earn some $$.. hmm.. what do you think?

Hi Auntie Eve & Fei,
I just left a comment in your latest post.. check it out!

Hello Buster,
... but... I can't take my dream girl out for a spin...

Hello Butchy & Snickers,
Wow.. that's a big Christmas tree! you are so lucky.. Any presents under the tree yet?

Hi Toby,
Anytime, mate!

Hello Murphey,
Chew on the tyres maybe?? *hiak hiak*..

Hi 'Mei Nu'/ Sunshade,
My ma said 'Mei Nu' is the highest level of compliment a boy can give to a girl.. and you are totally deserving of it! Oh, you have made my heart flutter.. be still be beating heart..

Huskee Boy

Jessie and Jake said...

Hey we aren't worried about the size - we are worried about your hair.

Do your parents not care about your hair? Convertibles will give you a rat's nest with all that wind!

Make sure to wear a scarf and sunglasses - besides you will look tres cool!

Anonymous said...

What a cute car!! You would look so great riding in that. At least a much bigger version..

Anonymous said...

hey huskee,

please vote for me for the Awesome Blog Award at Dogs with Blogs here.

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Will you vote for the "Mei Nu" here?? My tongue is really "mei li"!!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

HUSKEE boy, please watch what you say to my dogter. She is already bad enough as it is, please don't encourage her. I WON'T allow anymore flirting or "courting" as you put it!!

Sunshade's MUM

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry dear Huskee, I told you she was EVIL!!! Shhh....she's in the bathroom right now...hehe!!

*quick* MUAH!!

Special love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said... about a huskee humvee???